Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

Storyline I go to College

     My name is Hengky Wiranata , my nationality is Indonesia and i was born in Riau islands precisely in the Natuna island. Natuna island is the outer island of Indonesia bordering the asean countries as Malaysia, my stay in place home residents many an the coast ,so everyday can look at a beautiful sea view.
     I was born of a simple family not a rich family though so were very happy, i am the second of five chieldren , i have older brother ,two sisters and one younger brother. My hoby is sports especially in the field of football. I also like the other game that relate to the foot example : futsal and takraw.
     I used to aspire wants to become a Phisical Education Teacher and this is the ideal future high school, after a period of school for in senior high school.  I finally had to pass and will continue to a higher level is college. for go to college I should wander into other areas, because in the Natuna at time just have STAI ( Islam Religius High School ) and majors I interest was not there. If continued outside the region I was given a choise by my parents. whether to study in java or west kalimantan.
why in java.... ? because my brother was in college there precisely in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang, whereas if west kalimantan any closer to Natuna only one days and two nights or thirty-six hours if using a ship. other than that
transportation easier and cheaper compared java and at pontianak  also have good universities like UNTAN ( Tanjungpura University ).
   When applying to the university i am and some of my friends from high school sign up via online to follow the selection of the university entrance, everyone can selecting two or more majorsin the university, but I only choose two majors.  The first is major sporst scienc education and the second is majoring in pharmacy. after choosing a majors, I discussed whit parents and the discussion result i had to replace sports education majors. because, hard job opportunities and finally i chose civil engineering.
    Why  choose civil engineering ? because , i think civil engineering will easily find a job later, and in my hometown still lacks civil engineer. after selecting this option i went to pontianak and follow the written test held university. At the time of graduation announcement arrives it turns out that graduation is the first choise, namely civil engineering. and finally i was studying civil engineering until now.

Ok.. That  is all and thank you

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