Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

English course assignments, week 2

hallo .... I am Hengky wiranata

my skills or my hobby.
  My hobby is football,  I want to tell you about my hobby or my skills.

      Football, I love football since childhood at the age of 10 years. at that time I was still in primary school, every afternoon after school I always join my friends playing football and perhaps only friday we do not play football.. it's known as a child want to just play and our difference with other children are playing football in the sea when the water subsided, that's what makes the game so much more challenging, that's the thrill of my childhood on the island Serasan. 
   Then, after finishing primary school My family moved to Ranai, Ranai Natuna is a district capital,
and I also went to school there. Here's the place to start developing my hobby, because I could join football practice at a soccer school in Ranai. soccer school coincidence that just a few months on the set.  after all this time joined football training, at the time of high school I first joined the prestigious tournament that is held every year. This tournament is held once a year to commemorate the independence of Indonesia. can proudly join the tournament much less representative of the high school team, famous team with fanatical supporters and always crowded. on my firts game at the high school team yet to get optimal result, but the following year we menaged to bring the team went into semi-final and got the champion .since then I am very active in the sports field, and every tournament I always called by a teacher who once finished high school team coach. of the talent that have it, I am widely know by students at school and be called famous. During the periode leading up to graduation I tried to join the exercise futsal because at that time the popular new game. However, for futsal tournament high school team did not participate. And I joined my team of soccer schools , team feared among the sport in Ranai because it is a great team at that time. and we became champions.
        A year later, I went to Pontianak to go to college. Although overseas I never left my hobby,just reduce the time to play football because the dense lecture schedule. however, the other with futsal because it can play at night. So here I am more active futsal than football. with my skill ,I'ev three time winner of the tournament between the hostel in Pontianak. Although I lecture in engineering but I still lowve the sport of futsal and football. Because, for me football is my life.
     To always continue this hobby, I plan to make futsal in my hometown after college and become engineers. in addition to continue the hobby also able to spot business.
okay so and thanks....

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