Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

english course assigments, week 3

I can’t imagine life without ship

   We as children overseas, went to study in overseas land by crossing he sea. of course, very dependent on the ship, especially in remot areas that exist only for the sea transport to the overseas regions.
Have you ever imagine if an ship was never invanted ? especially for those living in the islands. let's take a moment and thank God that he has created human with a genius like that happened today we can travel far and send the goods by ship.

I can not imagine what if there was never a ship or marine transportation to the islands.
if i have t imagine, i guess life without ship must be very discocerting and complicated. even we will feel trapped in the area because,they can't go to anywhere. As an individual, we wouldn't be able to reach a destination wih a long distence. because, if we do not know the outside world, we will continue to lag behind and backward.  From economics sind, where the ship is very profiable because, many who could open a business or trade by using sea transport.

I think marine transportation safer than air transportation because,most accident in air transport there are no survivors. if the ship in the event of an accident there are still opportunities for over if can swim or could be in a lifeboat that has been provided. despite the fact that salvation is in hands of God or as destiny.

   Ship life is very beneficial for people who live in the archipelgo. in addition to trade the ship is also used by humans to go to the sea for fishing, but the ship is different from the ship to trade. and the ship is also used for day trips to the islands that have the charm of a beautiful beach. 
so. i think ship really take an impotant and very useful for human life in medern times.

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