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How to Convert Word Document to PDF Easily

How to Convert Word Document to PDF Easily
Cara Mengubah Dokumen Word Menjadi PDF
Documents with Word and PDF formats are two types of documents that are often used for reports. Both formats of this document can be said to be related to each other. Sometimes you will need to create PDF-formatted documents, sometimes you also have to convert the file into PDF.
As a student who is at the final level, of course I very often interact with both formats of this document. Convert PDF to Word I usually use when I want to do editing and copy the contents of the document, while word to PDF conversion more often I use when will melakukkan print at the place of photocopy and print public remember the computer at the place of photocopy on average viruses so that my PDF file format Feel more secure.
Regarding how to convert word document into PDF, there are several ways you can do.  Here I will give 2 ways on how to convert word document into PDF. Both ways can be grouped online and offline. For more details, please follow the guidelines below.
How to Change Word Document to PDF    Offline
Microsoft Word is a word processing program included in the Microsoft Office package. Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program until now and starting version 2010, this program has support for converting files from .DOC format to .PDF. For full explanation, please follow the tutorial below :
1. Please open the word file you want to convert to PDF.
2. Click on File then click Save As.
3.In the Save as type, select PDF. After that click on Save.
4. Your PDF file is ready and then you can use it. For microsoft word over 2010, there is little difference because in the latest version of Word directly provides Save as to which in option there is an option to melakukkan saving file to PDF.


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