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english course assigments, week 6

My business plan

Assalamuallaikum wr.wb,
Before I discuss what business I will lead after finishing college. I would like to introduce myself briefly.
My name is Hengky Wiranata I come from the island of Natuna, the island with abundant sea wealth.
The many of these marine wealth products are processed as Natuna's unique food. Here are a variety of typical foods Natuna:

This food comes from fish and sago, with a form that is less pleasing to the eye but very delicious when
 it came to tongue. Used fish usually use fresh fish from Natuna own, so it must be very delicious.

This one meal may be very strange to a person who has never seen, because this food is served in the
 same raw form as Japanese shashimi. The food comes from the sea comes from "Latoh" or "Sea Wine". 
Very good for health because it comes from other plants that are rich in benefits.
 Latoh Silong is usually also served with simple green chili sauce, 
 to add deliciously when we eat Latoh Silong Natuna.

Tipeng Mando is a typical natuna food derived from tuna fish, sometimes there is mixed with coconut.
 Served with a special sambal friend, if not eaten with friends the sauce is also tasty.

Pedok or Pedek is a kind of sambal food originating from Natuna. Which is made from anchovy 
which is defregmantasikan. Typical flavor is the taste of fish and saltiness. 
Very easy to find in Natuna region.

Lakse Kuah is a traditional food that characterizes the island of Natuna and even the entire island 
in the Riau Islands. This traditional food is made from basic ingredients of sago flour and a mixture of 
tuna fish and anchovies and added spices ingredients derived from spices that will characterize 
the typical taste of Riau Islands food.

Well now I will tell my business if I finish college or graduate to become a bachelor. I will build 
  a place in the beach area that many visited by local tourists or foreign tourists and the place provides
  a land to relax and also provide food typical of Natuna island that can be tasted by the tourists.
  dan to run this business I do not work alone , I will employ the native Natuna who are experts
  in the creation of these special foods because I am here only as a provider of land 
  for the native Natuna to work and recognize the benefits of his region through culinary tourism.

Why do I want to open this business?
Because in the Natuna area itself is almost still a little place that provides food typical of natuna and 
also as a land to introduce a typical food on the island Natuna.
Maybe it's just a short story from my business plan for the future, and hopefully can be achieved and 
can be successful. AAmin ...
waalaikumsalam wr.wb

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